Friday, April 23, 2010

It's clobberin' time!

Sometime after Christmas. We bought our son the Marvel Encyclopedia and I was struck by how lame the Thing was depicted on the cover! He's a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe for Jack's sake! So I took the same pose and tried to make it awesomer. Which I did.


  1. Why did The Thing bother to wear trousers? I mean, he's so mutated, he's barely human. Surely what serves as his rock-hard genitals won't offend anyone. He's probably like a Ken-doll Down There anyway.

    He didn't have little pebbly nipples, now did he? No.

    And his Buns of Stone? Who really cares? He's such a freak in the first place that just seeing him is enough to cause psychic trauma. I doubt he even had a "chocolate starfish". What's he gonna do on the pot? Extrude gravel?

  2. Not that it was too big of a change from his original human appearance- he was from the lower East Side after all ....