Thursday, April 15, 2010


Big trouble last night. My son asked me to draw a picture of Pikachu for his "Pokemon files". He became violent when I gave him this. Eventually, his mother drew him a proper picture of Pikachu. Some people just don't tease about Pokemon, I guess!
I recall an exercise at the Kubert School to demonstrate how hard it is to recall details of well-known characters. 2 students would stand side-by-side at the chalkboard and attempt to draw the most accurate version of a given character. Mine was Donald Duck. Within a few strokes, I realized I had no clue how to draw Donald Duck, so I finished out my "duck" with a Hitler mustache, swastika armband and corn-cob pipe. I didn't win.


  1. A recreation of said Hitler Duck is needed.

  2. I'll see what I can do. It was truly shameful. And thanks, by the way, for being my first comment!

  3. I vaguely remember that exercise, but I don't recall what I had to draw... do you remember what class it was?

  4. I'm blanking on her name- Jane? It was Graphics where we learned all the cutting-edge techniques like red litho overlays, etc. I don't think it was a formal lesson but really organized dick-around time.

  5. I must say I'm deeply offended! Believe it or not, I was the person beside you, taking the assignment seriously, and drawing a decent depiction of Donald Duck, a classic classic Disney character who everyone should know how to render! I still bear the psychological damage of having you try to render the assignment moot through mockery! Besides, it wasn't even rendered very well.

    Deirdre Coogan