Saturday, July 3, 2010

Waiting for a Quest

The figure on the left is my son talking to his mother (loosely based). In order to speak to his mother, we've paused an episode of Jonny Quest, which is where the figure on the right comes from. This explains the clean, Doug Wildey quality of the image on the right.



  2. Wow! Doug Wildey was 42 when Jonny Quest was on the air in Prime Time. That means he could have served in WW2, just like Dr Quest and Race.

    But the character that puzzles me the most is Hadji.

    "Hadji" is an Islamic honorific, reserved for those who have gone on the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca, the "hajj".

    But Hadji wears a turban, and what's more, it looks to be a Sikh turban. Sikh's are *not* Muslims.

    In the Mummy of Anubis episode, the villains refer to Hadji as "the Hindu boy". Hindus are not Sikhs, nor are they Muslims.

    In that episode with the underwater tank, Hadji goes to town with Dr Quest to meet some of his country men, some of whom might even be from Calcutta, his home town. Although some Muslims live in Calcutta, I bet very durn few Sihks live there. The Golden City of Amritsar, the seat of Sikhdom, is in the West of India, almost in Pakistan.

    So, what is Hadji?

    Maybe I'm overthinking this.