Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frank Figure

Last Saturday at the open figure drawing session, M.U. campus Columbia Mo. The legendary Frank Stack a.k.a. Foolbert Sturgeon, still runs this quiet session every Sat. from 10-1:00. I used to come to these often when I lived there, but it'd been 15 years or so, and naturally Frank didn't remember me. Not much had changed, though. Frank knows something about everything, and talks constantly throughout the session.
While I drew the above, he set down his materials, pulled a chair up to my left and talked non-stop about newspaper strips from the 30's to Nixon to Texas Art Museums to health care issues to politics poisoning social interaction. It was a treat and I'm not being sarcastic for once!It's the number one reason for living in Columbia,and I've resolved to drive down every other month or so. (sorry for the murky photo)

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