Sunday, July 11, 2010

2-Step Process

Struck with the urge to draw Hawk-Girl sometime in May. I usually stumble through a first attempt before adjusting some of the bugs in a second sketch (below). Realizing I had no memory of her costume, I turned my attention to getting a little more sass in her posture.


  1. Aren't Hawkman and Hawkgirl aliens from a different planet?

    Given that they fly around in 3-dimensions, their brains would have to have a substantially different internal layout relative to mere human's brains. Mere humans don't really do 3 dimensions much at all. Since Hawkpeople's heads are the same size as Earth Humans, they have to give up some functions to make room for the 3-D comprehension parts.

    I know that Marvel (a.k.a. Stan Lee) innovated Superheroes with neuroses and real human emotions. I'm just asking for someone to pioneer Superheroes with realistic neurobiology. Say, Hawkpeople can fly, and have astonishing 3-Dimensional visualization skills, but they only have rudimentary spoken grammar skills, and don't have full use over their thumbs, which in real humans, demands a huge hunk of our brains.

    You can have that idea for free, 'cause that's all it's worth.

  2. yeah, right, like anyone would buy a comic about kick-ass superheroes who fly around kicking ass, but can only screach at each other when they're not pooping over cars and newspapers!