Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last of the Valkyries

I think this is the last of the Valkyries for a while, that I'm posting, anyway. I was most impressed that I can fake a horse as well as I did. The old school comic artists could pull practically anything out of their heads. This was due to the extremely poor page rate paid at the time. If you're making 5-10 dollars a page, you just don't have time to reference everything you're drawing. I recall an interview with the Kubert brothers in which they voice their exasperation at their father Joe being able to draw practically everything without reference, including a galloping horse running head on. Being underpaid has it's advantages!


  1. I think this is the one and only instance. You know other than giving you another reason to quit.

  2. Not true! Being underpaid is the best thing in the world for a person! Pulls a person up by their own bootstraps! Can't afford insurance? Get a 5th job! Wanna be rich? Be a CEO or inherit it like the rest of us!