Monday, May 10, 2010

All things must pass

My brothers Lancer edition of Conan the Adventurer featuring artwork by Frank Frazetta. I think this was the first thing I'd ever seen of Frazetta's. Trust me, in the late 60's, nothing else looked like this. This was the doorway to everything for me- comics, art, illustration, literature, pretty good for a .95 cent paperback laying in my brothers forbidden room!

Frazetta died today in Florida at 82. It was news I expected to hear any day, but I couldn't let it pass without mention. I toured the Frazetta museum with my Mother in 2001, which was appropriate, because I felt like I was 13 again with my eyes falling out of my head, grunting and whimpering occasionally. Well, the Internet will be full of cloying Frazetta obituaries written by boobs like me, I promise to return to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

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