Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to draw a dog's face

Step 1-Feeding: Feed your pet twice it's normal amount of food. Follow that with a few of her favorite treats. It helps if she's been alone all day in the house .... she'll be bored and open to suggestion. Step 2- Intoxication: Follow treats with a small saucer of liquor. Boone's Farm or Night Train works great because of the high sugar content .... she'll lap it right up! Step 3- Boredom: Sit quietly in your chair with your drawing materials close at hand. At this point she's so bloated and confused that she's sure to lay down. She'll face you because of the threat of more treats. Avoid making eye contact as she'll try to garner sympathy and get you to ease her suffering. Now she's yours to draw at your leisure! This method works reasonably well with children too!

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