Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Oldie

From 96 or 97, a class assignment from the Kubert School. I think we were to pretend to be submitting ideas to the New Yorker, hence the ink wash on typing paper (note the savage buckling around the edges). New York had so many confusing and specific street signs and I wanted to use that in a cartoon. The instructor's note on the back says "I don't get it- but it seems funny- B+"


  1. It was for John ... I'm blanking on the last name. I think the class was "Humor".

  2. Don't worry, Scott: I get it. Of course, I'm not the New Yorker demographic. I'm more the Used-To-Want-To-Be-The-New-Yorker-Demographic demographic.

  3. Amen, Brother! Anymore I'm just too tired-

  4. Looks "New Yorker-ish" to me. I never get any of the jokes in the "New Yorker". Rumor has it that any "New Yorker" cartoon is actually funny if you replace the caption with one of two phrases:

    1. Christ, what an asshole!
    2. What the Fuck is this Shit?