Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mother's Day Card

Around '99 or 2000, a fellow Kubert School Alum's wife got a job as an art director for an online greeting card company. It's since gone out of business, but at my friend's encouragement I shovelled as many images as I could to them. They took some- I don't know if any sold. Above is an idea for a Mother's Day Card they accepted.


  1. I thought you sent us some great stuff. Love this one. Personally, I cranked out a boat load of crap, with a couple of exceptions, for that company. They were basically trying to add a lot of volume and I never received any statistics on downloads (assuming they actually tracked it).

  2. Thanks! I never had the strong graphic design sense you had. I don't think I was practising a strong work ethic at that time, but I appreciated you guys working with me. I think it would be real tricky to make a company like that work.