Sunday, July 12, 2009

Timid Warrior

Drawing improves painting and painting improves drawing. It's a beautiful, spiritual thing. Not to suggest that any of my drawings ever improved any of my paintings or vice-versa, but I believe it to be a true statement, never the less. After years and years of observation, I have also discovered that using water-based media in a sketchbook, creates waffled pages.
I've also realized that I'm just not a goatee type of guy anymore. I used to have a friend who believed that any sculpting or shaping of facial hair was the utmost in shameless vanity. Either go clean-shaven or have a full beard. I tend to agree with that now, although I think his reasoning was influenced by his inability to grow any facial hair. Ironically, my facial hair is almost pure white now, so it's vanity which keeps me clean-shaven. Perhaps in a few years when I develop neck wattles, I'll opt for a "Gabby Hayes"-style beard. Ahh the circle of life!

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