Friday, July 31, 2009

Heard Museum, Phoenix AZ

A tree I sketched in the courtyard outside of the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. By this time I was getting a little burned out on Southwest-themed museums, adobe, pots, etc. This museum took me completely by surprise! It had an incredible Native-American collection, including all of Barry Goldwater's Kachina Dolls, and many of his photographs. The show that really caught me off-guard was "Mothers and Daughters, Stories in Clay". On the surface, not a title that beckons to me, personally, but I was truly blown away by both the concept and the work.

It involves several women artists all from the Santa Clara Pueblo, all in turn have artist daughters and everyone is drop-dead brilliant. The works of Roxanne Swentzell and her daughter Rose B Simpson, particularly affected me. A true highlight of the trip.

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