Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Star Wars

I promised my son I'd paint a Star Wars mural for his room. This was 3 years ago and it kept getting bumped by over-preparation, intimidation and TV watching. As is my way, I made it over complicated. It snowballed into something which collapsed under it's own weight. I worked up a color rough in Photoshop which included droid armies, flaming troop carriers and murky atmosphere. I stalled on the project. Eventually I compromised, and came up with an easier-to-manage close-up of his favorite character: Captain Rex. A color rough of the final painting is shown above, this time with good ol' watercolor. The digital behemoth appears below.

The painting was finished over the winter, and I'm reasonably pleased with how it turned out. As soon as I borrow a camera I'll post it. Star Wars used to be my sons' world. He thinks of nothing but Pokemon now.

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