Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chubby Hulk

Another in the same spirit as the previous drawing. I don't think I intended to draw the Hulk, but it's where I wound up.


  1. it really does look fantastic....no exaggeration i promise! (:

  2. How does a guy who photosynthesizes get chubby? Too much sun and rain?

    But seriously, folks, do we know what Hulk eats? What does "The Thing" eat? Grilled slab of marble with a side of gravel?

  3. Worse- where does either of them go to the y'know, bathroom?

  4. I always figured that "The Thing" could use any gravel road, quarry or gravel pit to "Thing Poo". After all, how could we tell?

    "The Hulk" however, seems a bit different. How does a photo synthesizer "go to the bathroom"? I bet he doesn't urinate, just outgases water vapor through the stoma on the underside of his body, just like trees. Solid waste, now then, I bet he just goes to a forest and drops it, like trees dropping their leaves in autumn. The kind of forest would depend on whether "The Hulk" is a conifer or deciduous.