Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pokemon Pre-Release

I took my son to a Pokemon Pre-Release a few weeks ago, introducing the new line of "Black & White" cards. The kids are always excited because they get 6 or 8 packs of the new cards, from which they construct the strongest decks they can, then "battle" each other in a mini-tournament. I took the opportunity to sketch.

Upper image; multiple views of the guy who runs these things locally. Has a good rapport with the kids. I've never seen him when he's not eating the worst form of cheese-laden fast food.

Same page; Girl in the lower left corner, if I were to accurately capture her color, I'd just apply black to her t-shirt and orange to her hair, everything else would match. I'd go do that now if it didn't involve having to find my colored pencils, then I'd probably have to sharpen them and stuff- forget it.

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