Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gregory Manchess is out to get me!

Every once in a while, I pick up magazines like ImagineFX, etc., art mags geared toward technique. I always regret it. I recently bought International Artist because it had a showcase of various illustrator's step-by-step methods. I'm usually left baffled and frustrated by methods and terminology I don't understand .... and I went to school for this crap!
I've always leaned heavily on intuition (I'm rationalizing here) and it bothers me when artists have fairly rigid and well-defined working methods. How can you be so sure about what you're doing?
One of the illustrators profiled was the great (I'm not being sarcastic) Gregory Manchess. For someone who has an appealing painterly finish, he sure has a stodgy, joyless, anal method of working. He posed for one of his reference photos and I took the liberty of rendering it in ink with a few costume modifications. Can you guess which ones?

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