Sunday, January 16, 2011

Capt. America in WWII

From Christmas Eve day. My son and I like to give each other drawing assignments. His assignment to me was: Captain America during World War II, mowing down Nazis. I did the above in around 30 minutes and excitedly showed it to him. It was rejected since no Nazi is actually pictured in the act of being mowed down. I argued that for the sake of a more kick-ass close-up of Cap, given the format, perhaps the breach of the assignment could be forgiven and, since it's unlikely that Cap is firing on civilians and given the fervor of his machine-gunning, it's safe to assume that only the worst type of Nazi scum is probably getting his, then this should be an acceptable rendering.
My son pointed out that he could be mistakenly mowing down armed members of the French Resistance or the Red Skull could easily have brainwashed Cap into firing on Russians or even God-fearing Allied troops! He'll be an excellent lawyer some day. I still owe him a drawing.

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