Saturday, September 5, 2009


Early 2001. A friend of mine from the Kubert School had given me an "in" with an editor at Dark Horse comics, Phil Amara, to be specific. Knowing that he edited the Alien titles, I worked up 6 or 7 pages of continuity to show him. I emailed the pages to him. Now, in those days in order to download anything on the Inter-Web, you had to crank a little handle and talk to your local operator (Sarah was her name) and she'd connect with, say, Oregon and their operator would have to crank a little handle in the opposite direction until all the info was downloaded. It was quite a cumbersome process. All I ever heard from Phil was "cool!"
Phil never believed that Quick was my real name. Really now, if I were going to take another name I'd have borrowed something cool like McQueen or Frazetta. My friend John Patterson held a grudge against cartoonist Scott Shaw! because he incorporated the ! into his name. John was convinced it was a gimmick better suited for my name. I agree, but Scott Shaw! is better suited for the spotlight than me.

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